Monday, 14 December 2009

"Life near the dump" - Living by a modern Waste Transfer Station

This the Waste Transfer Station at Roundhill, Brighton and Hove is a modern facility run by one of the companies tendering for the Leeds contract. The following link will take you to an account of  their experiences living next to a modern waste transfer station.
Worst smell on record in Princes Road
 The Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility have proved, even in the early months of operation, to be far noisier and smellier neighbours. On 4th August, the day before my summer holiday, I photographed yet another breach of The Waste Transfer Station's operating conditions. On my return, I found a message from residents living on the south side of Princes Road, drawing my attention to the dreadful odour of rubbish in Princes Road on 11th August. The day after my return on 13th August, the whiff of stale rubbish hit me as I opened my front door. It was being carried in gusts of wind. I experienced this nuisance from several vantage points in Princes Road. Previously, I had told the Council's Environmental Health Officer that the main nuisance was noise, having only experienced isolated instances of disagreeable odour. The strength and prevalence of the smell which I experienced on 13th August have convinced me that there are two major nuisances which need to be addressed. 


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